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‘Beckmann of Norway’ Ergonomic Backpacks

 - Norway’s oldest and largest backpacks brand for school children -


Beckmann brand has a rich history of over 70 years.  It is one of the leading brand in Europe offering a wide range of backpacks starting from kindergarten all the way to Adulthood.   Working in close collaboration with Physiotherapists and Chiropractors, Beckmann vision is to develop the best quality backpacks for schoolchildren in the world and to make ‘going to school’ a happy experience for all children.


“Feel Proud to Carry a piece of Norwegian History on your back!”


Chiropractor Philip J. Wilkens (PhD).   

A good backpack for school can prevent back pains. Research shows that the type of backpack you choose, and the backpacks weight can be risk factors for back pain. Therefor it is important to have a backpack that can be customized individually. A backpack from Beckmann can be adjusted and therefor adapted to each person.

It is also important to use the backpack properly. The weight should be distributed between shoulders and hips. At the same time the weight of the backpack should lie as closely as possible towards your back. Adjust the backpack to make it fit perfectly”. 

Beckmann range of backpacks is available at selected Departmental stores:

Takashimaya , Isetan , OG Orchard Point and OG People's Park Centre

Price range:  Starts from $89 - $289

Classic 22L - Group of Kids - Back view 2.jpg

New! 2023 Classic 22L - No Flashing LED Light

Forest Deer Dusty Mint Front normal.jpg
Classic 22L $239
Front Original.jpg
2023 Furry with Button Front.jpg
Urban 30L double.jpg
City 28L Double.jpg
Candy Purple Front.jpg
Big canvas Camo Rex Active Air Flex.jpg
Active Air Flx 20-25L $289
Double Sport Junior 30L.jpg.png
Urban Midi 26L Double.jpg
Sports Kids 19L Double.jpg
Dino (Green) Front Edited.jpg
Baby Deer (Pink) Front Edited.jpg
Sport Junior Rolltop Black Cropped.png
Sport Junior Rolltop Grey Melange Cropped.png
City 34L double .jpg
Cropped Track 32L Grey.jpg
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