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Ergonomics Furniture

Innovative and Creative Workstation that grows with your Kids!



Give your child a head start as Healthy Posture sets a good foundation for Life!


Teaching children the good habit of correct sitting at a young age is an essential part of parenting as healthy posture sets a good foundation for life.  Most Occupational Specialists recommend that children should use furniture specifically design for their size and needs. 


KINDER FUN® range of height adjustable writing desk and chair addresses this need.

Its wide range of affordable and quality furniture is designed with ergonomic features to support the spinal column and muscular system to promote healthy sitting posture right from young.


With its German Technology, just 2 seconds is what it takes to adjust the desk to your child’s height.  That simple!


The growing-up and learning process should be stress-free, creative and fun-filled for our children.



The BEST choice for your kids to explore the world of learning!


Health Benefits of correcting seating:

  1. Improves the child’s head control by sitting upright with his upper body supported.

  2. Improves hand and arm control for functional activities.

  3. Improves the capacity of the lungs and heart.  An upright posture allows the heart and lung to work efficiently within the rib cage.  It also improves blood circulation.  

  4. Ensure healthy growing spine.

  5. Improved Concentration & mental alertness.

  6.  Prevent static sitting and maximises comfort.

  7. Tilting desk top minimize strain to the eye and prevent myopia.

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Kinder Fun Desk

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Kinder Fun Chairs

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Scholar Series

SMARTY Desk + SCHOLAR Chair (Pink Set).jpg

Royal Desk

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