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All About Active Air Flx



  • A new and innovative design that challenges conventional thinking around traditional school backpacks.  

  • Active Air FLX offers the very best in functionality and ultimate carrying comfort. 

  • The back support system is a combination of air and padding. 

  • This means that the air is distributed, providing a larger contact area between the backpack and the back, which in turn provides better support and stability.

  • Innovative Feature! The volume of the bag can be easily and simply increased from 20L to 25L,  when required, with the expandable zip.

  • Its reversible front pocket gives the option for a more neutral appearance.

  • It is made from recycled plastic bottles - environmental friendly materials.

  • Suitable for Height 116 -137 cm

  • Dimensions:   H39 x W26 x D22 cm

  • Weight: 1 kg

  • Suitable for the lower primary levels. 


Retail Price: S$289

Good News!
Active Air FLX - an award winning backpack.

We are pleased to announce that Beckmann Active Air FLX backpack has won the IGR (Institute of Health and Ergonomics) Innovation Award for Ergonomics 2021!

The IGR is a German Institute that conducts research and compile studies, training and certification. It is also the development partners and advisor in the area of Ergonomics.


The Innovation Award for Ergonomics is given out once every year.  This award reinforce Beckmann beliefs in Innovation, Design, Quality and Sustainability. 

This is a fantastic confirmation of all the development and testing works that Beckmann has performed on this backpack.

Active Air FLX 2021 Award.jpg
Active Air FLX Features 1.png
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