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Royce Premium (Blue - Blue  Lady Bug).jp

Blue Ladybug

Royce Premium (Red - Redy Lady Bug).jpg

Red Ladybug

Royce Premium Chair


Suitable for 6 years old to Teenage.



1.  Designed with removable seat and back rest cushion which can be removed and replaced

    independently to extend the service life of the chair.

2.  Auto-lock Safety wheel.

3.  High-density Moulded PU foam.

4.  The chair can be rotated 30 degrees.


Medium carbon steel, high density foam, environmental friendly nylon.
Total size: W61 x D62 x H79cm
Seat height: 32 ~ 51cm (+/- 2cm)
Cushion depth: 30 ~ 45 (+/- 2cm)
Origin: Taiwan

Retail Price: $698

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