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Oxford Smart Desk

Due to the increasingly smaller living space that modern homes faced, Oxford Smart Desk is the perfect size to fit into most rooms.  Ergonomically designed with height adjustment using Air-pressure system and lever-type switch.  The height of the desk can be easily achieved.  Likewise, the tilting angle can be adjusted to any angle using the same Air-pressure system.

Desk Wood Finish:     Maple / Dunes Teak
Frame:                     Red / Blue
Dimension :              L93 x W70 cm
Height:                    54 ~ 76cm (+/- 2cm)
Tilting angle:            0 ~ 26 degrees (+/- 2cm)



  1. Imported European environmental friendly table top

  2. 'FORMICA' brand High-Pressure laminate.  Wear and Tear and Scratch resistance.

  3.  Durable ABS Plastic

  4. German made Air-Pressure System

  5. Medium carbon steel with environmental friendly high-tech powder coating paint

  6. Functional Aluminium alloy stationery tray

Retail Price: $1200

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