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CP5 Chair 


CP5 Chair generation of Ergonomic Chair...Modern, Smart and High-tech.


CP5 design integrated the complex concept of ergonomic chair into a simple and easy to operate chair. 

  •  Suitable for home and office use 

  •  Excellent adaption to different body shapes and weights. 

  •  User friendly with ease of adjustment

Model: CP5-Low Back with Aluminium Base
Seat back Material: Special nylon, high impact PP material which is durable and comfortable
Seating frame:  Special Nylon impact-resistant material 
Backing Frame: White

Overall size:          70 x 63 x 93cm
Cushion size:         50 x 47 ~ 49cm
Seat back size:      46.5 x 50.5cm
Cushion height:     45 ~ 57cm
Seat back height:   93 ~ 105cm
origin: Taiwan

Retail Price: $1450

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