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10103-2401 Wallet Dragon Power_2.jpg
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Wallet (3-Fold)

This cool wallet from LEGO® is the ideal companion for every day.

A special eye-catcher is clearly the popular, child-friendly LEGO® design, but you wouldn't want to do without the quality and functionality of this model either.

With a Velcro closure and pockets for coins, notes and pictures, it has everything you would expect from a solid wallet.

The material is easy to care for and robust.


Product Features:

-Velcro closure

-Zipper pocket for coins


Dimension (cm): H25.5 x W13

Weight: 40g

Material: 600D Pux2 solid (NON rPET)


Retail Price: S$19.90

New 2024

Wallet Dragon Power 2.jpg
10103-2401 Wallet Dragon Power_2.jpg
Ninjago - Dragon Power
10103-2403 Wallet  LEGO NINJAGO, Family_1.jpg
10103-2403 Wallet  LEGO NINJAGO, Family_2.jpg
Ninjago - Family
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