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Card Wallet

Card Wallet

Wallet with inside and outside zipper pocket for coins and other small personal belongings.

Room for up to three cards and an outside transparent pocket for travel cards or pictures.

The wallet comes with a click-on strap with safety buckle, so it can be carried around the neck and under the clothes for extra protection when travelling.

The click system makes it possible to attach the wallet in all our LEGO® school bags.

The strap can also be used separately as a key chain if wallet is clicked off.


Product Features:

-Interchangeable buckle system that fits for attachment inside our LEGO® school bags

-Attachable strap to wear wallet around your neck including safety buckles for quick release in case   of entanglement

-Inside and outside zipper pocket for coins and small personal belongings

-Transparent outside pocket for travel card

-Room for up to three cards


Dimension (cm): 11.5 x 8 x 2

Volume: 0.25 L

Weight: 0.06 kg

Material: Poly 300Dw/WR (100% Polyester)


  Retail Price: S$29.90

New 2024

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Ninjago - Family
Prime Empire
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