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Pencil Case

Oval Pencil Case

A pencil case for school, kindergarten or just for the desk at home. The pencil case has one big compartment with a name tag inside for easy identification and a handle on the side, which makes it easy to carry. Made of durable PVC free material and comes in a wide range of the popular designs from the LEGO® universes.


Product Features:

- Name tag for easy identification

- Fits the most essential school stationary


Dimension (cm): 21 x 6 x 10

Volume: 1 L

Weight: 0.078 kg

Material: Poly 300Dw/WR (100% Polyester)


      Retail Price: S$29.90

10052-2406 Pencil Box LEGO® Sparkle_1.jpg
10052-2406 Pencil Box LEGO® Sparkle_2.jpg
Untitled design (86).jpg
10052-2401 Pencil Box Ninjago Dragon Power_1.jpg

New 2024

Ninjago - Dragon Power
10052-2103 Pencil Box-Ninjago Prime Empire_1.jpg
Prime Empire
Ninjago - Arin
10052-2404 Arin_1.jpg

New 2024

Green Ninjago PC.jpg
Green Ninjago
10052-2406 Pencil Box LEGO® Sparkle_1.jpg

New 2024

Red Ninjago PC.jpg
Red Ninjago
Team Golden PC.jpg
Team Golden
Parrot PC.jpg
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