Gym Bag 12L 

  • This backpack can be used separately, or simply attached to school backpacks.

  • This means the hands are kept free and it avoids uneven weight distribution.

  • It has all the features such as bottle holder, hip belt, chest strap, reflective patches on all sides that makes it ideal for school field trips, extra-curriculum activities and enrichment classes.

  • It can be attached to:  Classic 22L , Classic Maxi 28L and Active Air FLX 20-25L

      Dimensions:   H36 x W23 x D15 cm

      Weight: 350g


      Retail Price: S$79

Gym Bag - Dinosaur 2.jpg
Gym Bag - Forest Deer Red .jpg
Forest Deer Red - Classic 22L + Gym Bag.
Forest Deer Gym Bag Internal.jpg
Forest Deer Gym Bag Front_edited.jpg
Forest Deer Gym Bag Back.jpg
Furry Gym Bag Front.jpg
Unicorn Gym Bag Front .jpg
Aqua girl Gym Bag .png
Star Princess Gym Bag Front.jpg
Aqua Girl
Star Princess
Forest Deer Blue Gym Bag Front.jpg
Forest Deer Blue
Camo Rex Gym Bag Front.jpg
Camo Rex
Space Mission Gym Bag Front.jpg
Space Mission
Forest Deer Gym Bag Front.jpg
Forest Deer Red
Night Rider Gym Bag Front.jpg
Night Rider
Ninja Master Gym Bag Front.jpg
Ninja Master
Cropped Arctic Gym Bag Front.jpg
Accessories Collage.png