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Gym Bag 12L 

  • This backpack can be used separately, or simply attached to school backpacks.

  • This means the hands are kept free and it avoids uneven weight distribution.

  • It has all the features such as bottle holder, hip belt, chest strap, reflective patches on all sides that makes it ideal for school field trips, extra-curriculum activities and enrichment classes.

  • It can be attached to:  Classic 22L , Classic Maxi 28L and Active Air FLX 20-25L

      Dimensions:   H36 x W23 x D15 cm

      Weight: 350g


      Retail Price: S$89

Gym Bag - Dinosaur 2.jpg
Gym Bag - Forest Deer Red .jpg
110_Classic22_Unicorn-208_preview (1).jp
Forest Deer Red - Classic 22L + Gym Bag.
Camo Rex - Classic 22L + Gym Bag.jpg
Galaxy - Classic 22L + Gym Bag.jpg
Gym Bag 12L - Diamond Hunter.jpg
Diamond Hunter
Gym bag 12L Super Pony.jpg
Super Pony
Gym & Hiking Bp - Blue Supercar.jpg
Blue Supercar
Gym Bag 12L - Ninja Tiger.jpg
Ninja Tiger
Gym Bag 12L Armour Rex.jpg
Armour Rex
Gym & Hiking Bp - Champion.jpg

Sold Out

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