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ALL About Active Air Flx

Active Air FLX Functions


     2021 Collection    


  • A new and innovative design that challenges conventional thinking around traditional                     school backpacks. 

  • Active Air FLX offers the very best in functionality and ultimate carrying comfort. 

  • The back support system is a combination of air and padding. 

  • This means that the air is distributed, providing a larger contact area between the backpack and the back, which in turn provides better support and stability.

  • NEW Feature! The volume of the bag can be easily and simply increased from 20L to 25L,    when required, with the expandable zip.

  • Its reversible front pocket gives the option for a more neutral appearance.

  • It is made from recycled plastic bottles - environmental friendly materials.

  • Suitable for Height 116 -137 cm

  • Dimensions:   H39 x W26 x D22 cm

  • Weight: 1 kg

  • Suitable for the lower primary levels. 


Retail Price: S$269


Active Air Flx Galaxy.jpg
Active Air FLX - Galaxy
Active Air Flx Unicorn .jpg
Active Air FLX - Unicorn
Active Air Flx Camo Rex 2.jpg
Active Air FLX - Camo Rex
Active Air Flx Dream.jpg
Active Air FLX - Dream
Active Air Flx features 2.jpg